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tv   View Change  LINKTV  November 7, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> "viewchange" is about people making real progress in tackling the world's toughest ises can a story change the world? see for yourself. this is link tv's "viewchange," a new documentary series. [rooster crowing] [cows mooing] >> [speaking wolof]
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>> deya's household, one of 4 in the village, includes deya's two wives, each of deya's two brothers' two wives, 15 children, 77 cows, and dozens of sheep, goats, and chickens. [rooster crows] today, the family is preparing for the biggest holiday of the year--tabaski, the islamic feast of the sacrifice.
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>> [speaking wolof] >> to see how big tabaski is in senegal, you have to go to the capital, dakar.
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at tabaski, it's a religious, and social, expectation for muslim households to buy and slaughter a ram. >> [speaking wolof] >> in senegal, where a day's wages, if you have work, are around $3, this is a big deal. and for deya in saare muudu, where paid work is scarce, the tabaski ram and other holiday foods are major purchases. >> [speaking wolof]
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[child speaking in background] [laughs] >> [speaking wolof] >> the household relies on money from deya's two brothers,
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maliki and alahji, who are working in spain. [electric saw runs] alahji, kanni's husband, was the first of deya's brothers to leave. >> [speaking wolof] >> [speaking wolof] [laughs] [radio playing] >> maliki, kanni's brother-in-law, is visiting for tabaski. he went to spain in 2003, but returns almost every year to visit the family. >> [speaking wolof]
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>> [speaking wolof] [laughs] >> [speaking wolof]
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>> [speaking wolof] >> [speaking wolof]
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>> [speaking wolof] >> [speaking wolof]
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>> [speaking wolof]
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[music plays] [music ends] [music plays] >> [speaking wolof]
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[music ends] >> [speaking wolof] >> visit, link tv's brand new multimedia website. watch over 350 stories about new solutions to the developing world's biggest challenges. get involved with the issues, share the stories with friends, and help change the world, all at [rooster crows] >> it is the day before tabaski, and kanni is going to town to buy food for the holiday with the money
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deya has set aside. >> [speaking wolof] >> the cost of the holiday foods--vegetables, macaroni-- adds up quickly. >> [speaking wolof]
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>> usually, village meals are predictable-- millet couscous, corn couscous, peanut sauce, more peanut sauce, very few vegetables. saare muudu started a vegetable garden 3 years ago. it was part of a peace corps development project requested by the village. >> [speaking wolof]
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[metal screeching] >> in 2008, kanni's then 16-year-old daughter, maymuna,
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left the village to live with her father, alahji, in spain. >> [speaking spanish] >> [speaking wolof] >> but for aadama, maymuna's little sister, these are open questions. >> [speaking wolof]
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[children chattering] [child crying] [rooster crows] >> [chanting] [dog barking]
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[rooster crows] >> [speaking wolof] >> on the morning of tabaski, maliki buys bread as a breakfast treat. new clothes are given out as presents. [ram bleats] >> [speaking wolof]
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[ram bleats] >> [chanting] >> [speaking wolof]
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>> [chanting] >> [speaking wolof] >> the ram slaughter follows religious guidelines. the ram lies with its neck facing mecca, and the men say
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a blessing as the throat is cut. >> [speaking wolof]
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>> [speaking wolof] [laughs] >> [speaking wolof]
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>> [speaking wolof] >> for the tabaski meal, people eat in groups. all the girls, the boys, the men, the women, traveling to each compound to share some of each family's food. >> [speaking wolof] [laughter] [drum beat]
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>> [singing in wolof] >> [speaking wolof] >> [singing in wolof]
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[laughter and chatter] >> [speaking wolof] ññwww
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